Coral Sea Shells is a Lalaloopsy ragdoll who likes to pretend she's a mermaid.


In the swimming suit:Edit

Coral has a tied heliotrope hair with a light sea green-and-light heliotrope clip, and a moderate fuchsia swimming suit with white dots. Her cheek is pink-blushed.

In the mermaid suit:Edit

Her hair style is same, but she wears a patterned blue mermaid suit with a light blue top and skirt. She also have a pink blush on her cheek.


  • She was born on March 22nd, and she's sewn from a swimmer's bathing suit.
  • Her personality is: she likes to swim like a fish!

Toys Edit

  • Coral Sea Shells full size doll
  • Coral Sea Shells (mini Lalaloopsy)


Coral Sea Shells